• What is GoFundraise?
    • GoFundraise is a third-party fundraising platform. Legacy uses GoFundraise, as well as other fundraising platforms, for the public to use if they would like to raise funds to support our veterans' families.

  • Do the funds go to Legacy?
    • All funds are dispersed to the appropriate Legacy Club based on the fundraiser's postcode. GoFundraise charges payment gateway and transaction fees which are deducted from each individual transaction.

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?
    • All donations are tax-deductible. GoFundraise will send a receipt on behalf of Legacy to the email address provided.
      If you haven't received a receipt, contact GoFundraise by clicking here.

  • Can I donate directly to Legacy?
    • You can donate directly to Legacy by visiting http://www.legacy.com.au/donate

      If you have any concerns or want to find out more information about fundraising for Legacy, please email [email protected] or call (02) 8333 0603.

      • Please add a raised so far tally on the Home Page

      • Please add a top fundraisers section on the Home Page